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Print & Ship Store 5 Star Service Pro

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • All - Tillamook County
  • Hourly Salary: $17 to 22

Website Beach Beagle Print & Ship

"If you can Imagine It, We can Print It!"

Beach Beagle won’t work you like a Dog.

We are in need of some people to work shifts at our Beach Beagle Print & Ship store, however.  Maybe you could be one of those people.  Basically, the job entails showing up, creating some pretty cool stuff that makes the customers smile and doing whatever you can to make sure you don’t make them mad (which, as an aside, is something the folks at a certain phone company should learn.)

Unlike our esteemed political leaders, there are no taxpayer funded perks to go with the job.  We won’t pay your rent, clean your house or fly you all over the world for free.  We will, however, bend over backwards to try and make your shifts work around whatever else you happen to have going on in your life.

You’ll be trained and looked after by Charles, who is nice, Lisa, who is nice and who signs your paycheck, Bob, who knows darn near everything, and Barry, who can’t be reached on the phone ever, even if there is something really important you need to talk to him about. Oh, and Hendrix Sophie, who thinks she’s a perk but works for treats and pats on the head.

So if you’re looking for a challenge (whatever that means), are an enthusiastic self starter (ditto) and can show up on time on the days you’re supposed to be here, then send an email to Charles at and let’s talk!

In other news, butterflies can taste with their feet.  They use taste sensors there to determine which leaves caterpillars can eat, so they know where to lay their eggs.

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